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HEC Worldwide a name representing the best in inflatable rides & games. We are one of the industry's premier suppliers of Inflatable Slides, Obstacle Courses, Bouncers, Combos, Water Slides, Toddlers, Juniors, Interactive Sports and many other designs, you can depend on HEC Worldwide to be there for you when it counts. All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials available. HEC Worldwide uses the latest technology and assembly processes to ensure that your ride or game will be safe, durable and built to last. We were the first to implement Gator Mouth® seams at the entry and exits of all our products, along with the exclusive Dura Seal© and Aqua Seal® features on all of our water rides.  Request Info-

Manufacturing and Sales of commercial quality Inflatable Slides, Games, Obstacle Courses, Bouncers, Combos, Water Slide

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