Top favorite inflatable amusements that offer the most returns in amusing entertainment, enjoyable inflatable amusement competition for team building, and inflatable fun, (not to mention increased ROI for your planned and produced events):

1.     Inflatable Bungee Runs- The Inflatable Amusements known as Bungee Runs are as fun as anything to compete with for laughs, strength, resistance body pulling. Inflatable Bungee Runs are fun at quick action challenges, where one winning person takes on the new challenger. The structure is an inflatable alley with side walls, contestants separated by an inflatable wall. Some inflatable bungee runs offer targets to strive toward like a basketball hoop or football pass or more sports related end games that make a bungee run worth winning. See how far you can stretch once the bungee cord catches up the slack, it’s crazy wild amusement fun.

2.     Inflatable Twister Game- Inflatable Amusements made to please a crowd of players include fun games from your childhood that are now played bigger, better, and more fun on an inflatable surface. Take the fun Twister game by Milton Bradley.  You must land on the color chosen with one of your hands or feet! Now imagine this fun Twister type game played on an inflatable surface.  The rules can remain or change to include bouncing to the next color spot.  Inflatable Twister type game is one fun inflatable amusement and goes great with kids or adults. This inflatable amusement is rated safe for all when kept in age groups.

3.      Inflatable Bull Ride- What about the Bull Ride Inflatable Amusement? One rider takes on the bull with 4 others pulling bungee type cords to make the bull buck up and down and around. The inflatable bull ride is a party rental amusement that is safe with kids as there is a large inflatable arena with matt to fall on upon being bucked off. Popular with older boys and girls parties, this inflatable Bull Ride amusement goes well with country music and a big old outdoor arena.

4.      Inflatable Movie Screens- One last inflatable amusements you should consider adding to your party rental business inventory for rent is the Inflatable Movie Screen Amusement.  This is a rental for all seasons all reasons and a fun entertaining party rental for outdoor events.  Use in backyards, parks, driveways, kids love it anywhere.  Adults are reminded of the old drive-in movies. Inflatable movie screens are a creative invention and a very profitable inflatable amusement to offer at your inflatable party rentals business.

5.      Not to be overshadowed by flashy inflatables another category of kid friendly kid favorite inflatable amusements are the group that includes anything with a siren and red light replicas, the inflatable emergency firetrucks. Inflatable firetrucks, big, red, and bright with exact replication of real fire trucks from the dalmation dogs to the big ladders on the side.  There are even dalmation dog inflatable amusements that are bounce houses, slides, and combo units.

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